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New photos


new photos that have not yet been moved to the relevant album

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Stenson and North Stafford Jn


photos taken at Stenson and North Stafford Jn 1-10-2013, featuring 20901, 20107, 20132 and 20142 with an Amersham to Derby Litchurch Lane underground stock move, 47749 on the Boston steel and 60010, 60040 and 60063 on oil trains

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Freight services operated by Direct Rail Services

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Mainline Passenger / ECS


Loco hauled Passenger services, service trains and railtours

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Network Rail


Test trains operated by/ for Network Rail

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freight services operated by Freightliner

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Mainline Freight DBS


Freight Services operated by DeutshBahn Schenker

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Other operators


services operated by toc's not covered in the other albums

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Euxton Webcam


This webcam is situated on the West Coast mainline just north of Balshaw lane station. the stream can be viewed at

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Britannia on the Royal train


Prince Charles renemed 70000 Britannia at Wakefield on the 24th January 2012. The Royal train is seen here at Preston awaiting departure

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The photos of an atry farty nature will be featured in this gallery

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Steam Locomotives


Steam locomotives including Light engine, passenger and on test.

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scans from the 1970s-90s


This gallery contains all the photos that were previously on my BR blue fotopic site, eventually I will categorise them all properly

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West Coast Rail Company


trains operated by WCRC

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Toton and Leeds Midland Road


33 files, last one added on May 17, 2011
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East Lancashire Railway diesal


Running from Heywood to Rawtenstall, this scenic line is home to britains largest collection of preserved locomotives. This gallery contains photos from various diesal gala days.

227 files, last one added on Jul 25, 2015
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East Lancashire Railway steam


A collection of photographs of steam locomotives on the East Lancashire Railway

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Diesal Multiple Units

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Great Central Railway


The Great Central Railway is the only preserved double track line in Britain, running from Loughborough to Leicester.

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Static Preservation and Misc


Heritage and static exhibits in museums, preserved sites and stuff that doesnt fit into any other category

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York winter 2010

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Tyne Valley Diverts


The final weekend of East Coast Diverts via the Tyne Valley to Carlisle from Newcastle, a selection of photos from Carlisle and Brampton

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Farington jn renewal


20 files, last one added on Nov 27, 2011
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Model Railway


47 files, last one added on Nov 06, 2019
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Crewe Basford Hall and Gresty Bridge


Photos from the Freightliner yard and DRS depot at Crewe

39 files, last one added on Apr 06, 2014
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Bo'ness and Kineil Railway


80 files, last one added on Dec 30, 2017
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Tornado approaching Euxton563 viewsTornado approaching the webcam at Euxton on the day 3 of the Christmas Coronation tour. This was the first time a steam loco had worked a train throughout from Scotland to London since the 1960's
37685-37669-37676a344 viewsWest Coast Rail Companies latest aquisition heading from Toton to Carnforth between 37686 and 37676 at Preston
D33577 viewsDiesal day, 10th January 2009 featuring 33109, 50015, D335 40135 and 47402
60040arpley305 views60040 pauses for a driver change in Arpley yard
60065 on a Liverpool Bulk to Fiddlers Ferry coal250 views
68012 68013 68014 head to Kingmoor behind 57007165 views

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